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15 Best Things All Hotels Should Have

We all know what hotels are. They are the preferred go-to option back in the day for travelers that want a place to stay. However, because of the likes of Airbnb and HomeAway, people actually love that more than the traditional hotel.

However, hoteliers should take solace in the fact that there are some people that would still prefer staying in a hotel, albeit that they have to step up their game to provide much better services across the board.

Kuchai Lama in Malaysia is known for their girl escorts and it is imperative that you not only make your main guests’ stay worthwhile but also the girls that are going in as well.

Today, I am going to talk about some of the hotel must-haves that should always be present in modern hotels.

1. Keyless Entry

Some prominent hotels around the world have ditched the use of hotel keys in order for their guests to have entry.

If you cannot do this, you can employ the use of a card key instead of a traditional key instead since it is not cumbersome to use.

2. Humidifier

This is considered a must these days and it is best that you get a humidifier and place it all over your hotel.

3. Easy Access Phones

Although hotel phones are always present in every room, it is important that these phones be easy to use. There are some hotel rooms that have highly complex phones which shouldn’t be the case. You want your guests to have access to the front desk and other services on the fly without having to figure out how to use your hotel’s phones.

4. Hair Dryer

Since 50% of your hotel guests are women, it is imperative that you have a hair dryer in every room. If that is not possible, at least have the option to offer them such a thing during their stay as it may be requested.

5. Soft Pillows

Some people just want to relax during their stay in your hotel which is why you should always have soft pillows placed on their beds.

6. Bath Robes

Although there are some that would prefer just using a towel, there are those that would like to wear bath robes instead.

7. Coffee Maker

Most people nowadays have a fondness for coffee, so having a coffee maker in every room is a nice though that will instantly elevate the customer experience.

8. Free Breakfast

You do not want your guests to have an empty stomach first thing in the morning, right?

9. Free Bottled Water

Some guests might arrive way too late; thus they cannot buy water themselves. That is why providing them with free water bottles is a nice touch that would, again, make the customers happy.

10. Clean Sheets

You want your bed to be rid of bed bugs that is why you need to make sure that the bed sheets are clean and fresh.

11. Room Service

Should be operational round-the-clock.

12. Reliable Housekeeping

Hire some people that have a keen attention to detail

13. Easy to Use Shower

If your shower system has temperature controls, it should be easy for your guests to use.

14. Free or Reasonably Priced Laundry

Having this is a must-have these days.

15. Free WiFi

This is now considered a must so always have this one.

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