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5 Tips for an Awesome Budget Wedding

Limit your guest list.

Managing the wedding guest list is one of the most difficult aspects of the wedding planning process. Majority of your total wedding expenses will depend on it. With a smaller guest list, you can cut down the costs of food and beverages.

At some point, some of your close friends and family members will feel upset. Just learn how to manage it well.

Look for a flexible reception hall.

A good, flexible reception hall is the key to a cheap wedding. Why? Well, they give amazing discounts for events booked on weekdays. Saturday is typically the most expensive to rent out. Next to that is Sunday and then Friday. Some venues and locations are willing to negotiate prices. It wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Plan your very own wedding.

Hiring a wedding planner may be convenient, but it’s still expensive. Why not settle for a DIY wedding? It will not only help you save money. It is also a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Make a priority list, and monitor each wedding expense.

What are the most important wedding expenses for you? Make sure to monitor everything. You are controlling 100% of the budget. If you want to get that expensive gown from a bridal shop in Kuala Lumpur, it’s up to you how you will make room in your wedding budget. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t want to break the bank.

Be your own DJ,

Just like a wedding planner, hiring a DJ is also expensive. You have two options for this. One is to use your mobile phone or an old iPod to play music from Spotify. Then, the other one is to be your own DJ. Choose your own playlist, and play them all yourself.

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