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So, how do you last longer in bed? That is a question that a lot of men ask because coming off way too quickly is a huge problem for them.

Well, if you suffer from that, then you’re suffering from sexual dysfunction. Although, there are alternative ways to satisfy your partner in bed by taking men’s sexual health supplements in Malaysia that would help you to express more in bed. But, worry not! There are so many things that can help you last longer in bed and this article will provide you with some tried and tested solutions. Read on to find out some nifty tips.

Sex Positions Matter

You probably have a favorite sex position and that is probably the reason why you finish off way too quickly. You see, some sexual positions, especially those that stimulate the underside of the penis, can give so much more stimulation that it will help you come [...]

10. Take it Slow

Motivation is a fantastic thing. Nonetheless, keep in mind that unbridled enthusiasm has led many fancy athletes to write checks that their bodies can not encash.

Sports injuries are second only to the common cold among the reasons why their doctor is consulted by people. A large number of the wounded are so-called “weekend warriors” who want to exchange for an elite athlete’s life their sedentary lifestyle. People who push too hard, too soon end up with serious injuries and unnecessary medical bills right back on the sofa

9. Make a Schedule that works for you

You’ve probably heard that morning practice is best to kick-start your day metabolism and help you sleep at night. You may also have read that if it is done between 4 and 6 p.m., your workout will be more productive. When the temperature of your [...]

Eating the right foods not only helps you become healthy but it also ensures that your other body processes can be primed for doing certain activities- one of which is sex.

Sex is always a fun activity when you have a healthy body and although there are certain measures that will help you improve your health for better sex, one of the best ways is to still eat the right way.

So today, I am going to talk about some libido-boosting foods that are backed by science that will lead to better sex.

Do keep in mind that this article is centered around foods that are for healthy individuals with no underlying medical conditions.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, take male enhancement pills should be highly considered.

Grass-fed Steak

A steak is a man’s food and there is actually some credence to that. Grass-fed [...]

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