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How Can Mobile Apps Benefit the Media and Entertainment Industry?

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Let me start by asking you a question: did you have to rush home just to watch your favorite television show back in the day? I sure did. I had to sprint off work, ride the bus, wait for a couple of minutes, then sprint again to my house, and then turn on my TV.

Believe me, it was not an enjoyable experience. Rushing through everything is okay if you’re well rested, but not if you just got out of work.

But, the TV show will not replay itself and every episode, at least for me, counts. Oh, the struggles we had to endure just to watch our favorite shows.

However, that seems to have been fixed thanks to mobile applications. In fact, even if you miss the current episode, you can just watch it at a later time that is convenient for you.

As you can tell, mobile app development in Malaysia have improved our lives a lot. But how can these mobile phone programs benefit the entertainment and media industry?

Mobile Apps Keep Us Entertained

Whether you’re in for a long ride or you’re just chilling at the comfort of your own home, you can pretty much enjoy a lot of different forms of media and entertainment.

Maybe it’s raining outside and you’re in the mood for some relaxing music, there are a number of cloud-based music streaming apps available in the different app stores today that do just that. Spotify is probably the most popular one as it gives you an extensive list of different artists- both local and foreign- so suit your needs.

Or perhaps you’re in the mood to watch your favorite movies. You can fire up the Netflix app for that. You are given a slew of different movies you can choose initially and you can set your preferences as to what genres you prefer as well. With machine learning, the app can “learn” from the movies that you watch and you will be given some suggestions along the way.

If you’re not in the mood for listening to music or for watching movies, you’re probably in the mood for gaming.

There is a plethora of gaming apps in the app store today. It can range anywhere from fighting games to adventure and puzzle games.

There are also some that make use of new technological advancements as well. One game, in particular, is Pokemon Go which uses augmented reality technology that allows you to catch Pokemon in your vicinity. This has actually encouraged people to go out there, do some light cardio, and have fun catching them all!

It Only Gets Better from Here

As new technology comes in, app developers can find a way to utilize some of them to enhance the user experience.

Games in the future might be more immersive than ever. There are probably going to be more movie and music streaming apps and there might even be more applications that support local and foreign TV series streaming as well.

So to answer the question, “how can mobile apps benefit the media and entertainment industry?” The industry can benefit from it immensely.

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