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Newly Wed Couple Tips to Last Longer in Bed

So, how do you last longer in bed? That is a question that a lot of men ask because coming off way too quickly is a huge problem for them.

Well, if you suffer from that, then you’re suffering from sexual dysfunction. Although, there are alternative ways to satisfy your partner in bed by taking men’s sexual health supplements in Malaysia that would help you to express more in bed. But, worry not! There are so many things that can help you last longer in bed and this article will provide you with some tried and tested solutions. Read on to find out some nifty tips.

Sex Positions Matter

You probably have a favorite sex position and that is probably the reason why you finish off way too quickly. You see, some sexual positions, especially those that stimulate the underside of the penis, can give so much more stimulation that it will help you come off way sooner than desired.

So, to help you with this, you can try different positions. Cowgirl and Spooning are actually two of the best positions that do not provide too much stimulation on the said part of the penis.

Get Rid of Anxiety

Did you know that performance anxiety can help you finish too quickly? That is because you fear that you will not be able to perform admirably well. But here’s the thing, if you climax too early, then that would inevitably lead to your partner’s dissatisfaction.

But, the good thing here is that you can do something about it. Exercise is proven to help you stave off those stress hormones, as well as providing you with a feel-good sensation thanks to the endorphins.

Do a combination of both cardio and strength training to help you become fitter and better in bed.

Have More Sex

The reason that you climax too early is probably because you aren’t getting enough sex. Think of sex as something that you get better at over time. This means that you not only are able to find out the best sex positions to please you and your partner; you also have the ability to control your urges as the sex progresses.

Make Use of Desensitizing Agents

There are creams and gels that you can apply to your penis to help with the overstimulation. I recommend STUD100 but there are also other products that you can try as well. Perhaps, you can try something that contains Gambir Sarawak, which is a natural ingredient that does the same thing.

Improve Your Communication

Women love it when their partners openly communicate with them, especially when it pertains to sex. Communication is something that they value so much in a relationship, which is why honing your speaking skills can help improve not only your sex life but also your relationship as a whole.

Take Things Slowly

As a man, you probably want to go to a pound city when you have sex with your partner and this is probably the sole reason why you finish off easily.

The thing is, you have to treat sex as more of a ‘sensation’ thing where you take your time and enjoy the moment. Do not rush things- sex is best enjoyed when it is slow and deliberate.

Find Ways to Please Your Partner

Sex is not about pleasing yourself. You have to think about it in a way that pleases you both. If you focus more on pleasuring your partner, you will stave off the stress and anxiety that you feel.

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