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Smart Ways to Improve your SERP Ranking

1. Use easy-to-read, short post slugs which accurately describe what your blog posts are all about.

You edit slugs, and put any keyword you like. Alongside this, you can also write a descriptive tagline for your website, explaining what your pages are all about.

2. Use specific, narrow keywords.

Use specific, narrow keywords that will help searchers find your website. If you are looking for details on a particular subject, what search terms would you use? Use these search terms one or twice on your posts, assuming they are all relevant.

3. Publish posts regularly.

Make sure to post quality content regularly, and then update your blog’s overall content from time to time. This may not be possible to manage alone if you are very easy, so you may want to check out SEO agencies in Malaysia that can help you with it.

4. Focus on establishing your web traffic in intelligent ways.

Read other blogs that write about the same exact topic. If they are sharing the same point of view, leave substantive comments. Moreover, find new ways to promote your website to different social circles.

5. Use reliable tools.

Are you ready to take on a more advanced strategy? Utilize webmaster tools to collect more valuable data about how people find your website. This will help you make better decisions about what kind of topics to write about in the future.

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