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Useful Architecture Career Success Tips that Millennials Should Follow

Millennials, as the critics would put it, are entitled. They do not know how to work hard or they do not know how to value the work that needs to be put in so that you can advance your career.

But, people from the previous generation do not know that millennials can actually be quite successful in any endeavor as well.

If you are part of the new generation and you want to become an architect, then you might want to read this article as I will talk about some amazing success tips that will help you advance your career in this industry. Who knows, you might be successful enough to establish your own architecture company.

That being said, here are some amazing tips:

Stop Complaining

I have heard that a lot of millennials complain about their salary. This is actually the main reason why they are thought to be “entitled” individuals. Well, I am here to tell you that no matter what profession you are in, if you put the work in, you will always be effective.

And, if you start becoming an effective employee, your salary increase will follow. If you are not in the proper mindset to make that happen, then you will always be stuck in the rut.

A little reflection and introspection can really help here. Passion is only a part of the equation; you also need to have patience and perseverance to succeed.

Put in the Work

This is for the managers out there. If you treat your people like children, they will act as such. Do not try to baby them and let them put the hard work in.

Next, since we live in a world where smartphones have become a part of our daily lives, it is important that they do not put one on their desk to avoid getting distracted.

For managers, you have to instill it in your workers that they have to work hard to achieve things in this industry. People who have worked as an architect know how common it is to work long hours and even lack sleep just to get things done.

Don’t Take Advantage of Your Employer

I have worked in two different architecture firms during my 20 years of being an architect and I can tell you that there are some employees that take advantage of their employers.

For instance, they will not work as hard since their bosses do not call it to their attention. There are also some that would do the absolute minimum, but would rarely push themselves to become a better worker.

Do not be like this! Even if your employer doesn’t scold you, you are paid to render hours of work. And the money that you earn can help you buy whatever you want and be able to support you and your family. Be grateful and work hard.

Never Stop Learning

The last tip that I can give you is to never stop learning. I read plenty of books and most of them are non-fiction and self-help books. Although there is nothing wrong when you read fiction books; reading non-fiction and self-help books can help you gain more insight about the world and even the things that are in your industry.

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